Jury listens to TPD officers' testimonies, views evidence in Jamaine Hill trial

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Gripping testimony, haunting radio traffic and images were part of the state's case Tuesday Jamaine Hill's second day of trial.

The state is trying to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt, Jamaine Hill is responsible for shooting at members of TPD's SWAT team and injuring detective Jason Picking.

One Toledo police officer described the sound of the bullet flying by his face as a sound he will never forget and while the swat team narrowly missed being hit, Detective Picking.

During the second say of the trial, the jury heard that immediately after Picking was shot he called his wife

Radio calls for help and images captured from a surveillance camera across the street from the incident, gave the jury a feel for the emotions officers went through when serving the search warrant at Jamaine Hill's home on November 16, 2017.

"When he hit the door with the ram I heard the gun shots, five or six rounds," said Officer David Marsh with TPD's SWAT.

TPD's SWAT team testified to breaking down Hill's door and announcing search warrant. They also described the marked uniforms they all had on to make a case that Hill knew they were police before he shot.

After those shots were fired the SWAT team testified to detaining Hill and finding the gun he used and then learned one of those rounds hit Detective Picking .

"He was laying in a pool of blood and in the phone with his wife telling her he loved her and the kids," said Officer Patrick Fischer with TPD SWAT.

Detective Picking's wife is a dispatcher and was working that night. She will take the stand along with her husband to describe how the events unfolded .

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