Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz weighs in on the end of TAWA

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Regional water discussions have ended and the city of Toledo will move forward with Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz's plan.

Despite growing concerns from surrounding communities, the mayor said that he is excited for the next steps in approving his regional water plan.

Suburban community leaders are upset with the decision to move forward with the mayor's version of the regional water plan.

Many are looking elsewhere for their water and do not like the idea of Toledo City Council being able to determine their water rates.

If enough of them pulled out of the mayor's plan, it would raise the water rates of Toledo residents.

"I know that other suburban communities are doing their due diligence and looking to see if Bowling Green is an option or Detroit is an option and that's smart! They should be doing that! If I was the mayor of those communities I'd be doing the same thing," Kapszukiewicz said.

Despite the concern of Toledo water rates going up, the mayor said that what Toledo is offering will not happen in other cities.

Additionally, Kapszukiewicz said that even if cities pulled out of the proposed plan, there are others in line to join.

"We are going to amend our charter to give our suburban customers a seat at the table when it comes to rate setting and capital improvements. And that is a profound change in how the world works," Kapszukiewicz said.

Before this plan goes into action it must be approved by City Council, then go on the ballot for Toledo taxpayers to decide on.

That could happen during the November general election.

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