Boyk Law's to donate a bikes each week this summer

Boyk Law's to donate a bikes each week this summer

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Each week this summer, a child is receiving a bike from Boyk Law's "Bikes for Kids" program. Nominations can be made here.

This week, Daniel Cunningham received the bike at Wersell's Bike Shop.

He's just 14 years old and he made it his goal to go to college after his mom's sudden passing in 2016.

The person who nominated Daniel said school started as a challenge for him but he has grown into a leader. He wants to make his mom proud by working hard in school and going to college.

"And it was really cool to hear the stories from his teachers where you know he's struggling and having a hard time. He's dealing with the death of his mother and wanted to pay tribute to her and turn his life around and make sure that he went off to college so he's making sure that he's doing everything he can which is awesome," said the person who dominated Daniel.

Daniel also counsels classmates and is a member of the Young Men of Excellence.

The Bikes for Kids program runs until August 22. The bike shop also donates a helmet and lock to each winner.

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