Task force releases recommendations to end opioid crisis

Task force releases recommendations to end opioid crisis
(Source: AP)

OHIO (WTOL) - There was a new push to end the growing opioid epidemic across the state on Tuesday.

New recommendations were released by a task force aimed at eliminating the problem.

This opioid problem has been growing, so much so, that a new report has shown that overdoses from the drugs are now the leading killer of Americans under 50.

It's killing more people than car crashes or gun deaths.

The problem prompted the development of a task force by Attorney General Mike Dewine last year.

The group, which was made up of health insurers from across the state, released 15 key recommendations today.

Their focus surrounded prevention, intervention and treatment.

Here are a few key things the insurers agreed on:

  • Insurers should cover and encourage, where appropriate, the use of both non-opioid pain medications and alternative treatments to manage pain.
  • Insurers should create, use and refine programs to reduce the practice of doctor or pharmacy shopping by patients seeking opioids.
  • Insurers should increase reimbursement rates to adequately cover the cost of providing substance abuse treatment.

If followed, the hope is that these recommendations will help crack down on the crisis and help those recovering.

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