SWAT team members testify in trial of man charged with shooting TPD officer

SWAT team members testify in trial of man charged with shooting TPD officer
(Source: TPD)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Day two of testimony in the trial of Jamaine Hill began Tuesday.

Hill is accused of shooting and injuring Toledo Police Det. Jason Picking when the TPD SWAT team was serving a search warrant at Hill's house.

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Members of the SWAT team took the stand Tuesday to tell jurors what happened that fateful day.

They recalled having a gun pointed at them, bullets flying their way and what happened when they learned on of their own was hit.

The police officers who testified told the jury it was Jamaine Hill who fired five shots at them as they broke down the door and tried to make entry into the home.

The jury saw pictures of the way the SWAT team was dressed that day, establishing that they were clearly marked as police officers.

The three officers all testified the door was open, and that they announced they were police officers before Hill started shooting at them.

"As I was mid-swing, I heard the sergeant yell, 'search warrant,' and I also heard our distraction devices go though the windows of the residence," said TPD SWAT team member Officer Patrick Fischer.

This testimony was to prove to the jurors that Hill was aware that they were police and not intruders, as he said he believed them to be.

One SWAT officer also described seeing someone on the ground in a pool of blood, and realizing it was Det. Picking.

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