City of Toledo walks away from TAWA deal

City of Toledo decides to walk away from TAWA deal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A major stalemate in efforts to create a regional water authority across the metro happened on Monday.

The City of Toledo ended negotiations, walking away from the deal altogether.

Monday's move by Toledo puts surrounding municipalities back at square one.

"It's more important to Toledo politicians that they control the water assets than to cooperate on more efficient water, more safe water, and also regional cooperation as a whole," said Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough.

"We will work with our customers, we will work with our residents and we think we will come up with something that works," said policy adviser, Mike Beazley.

The goal of the proposed water authority was to create safer and more cost effective water for local areas that rely on Toledo.

This is something that has been in the works for months, and seemed to be moving in the right direction until a few weeks ago.

TAWA shot down a proposed plan by Toledo, which would have allowed the city to maintain ownership of the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant and transfer pending debt to another authority.

The move by Toledo on Monday left  many disappointed.

Currently, the Toledo City Council has the power to determine everyone's rates.

Many feel this is unfair, prompting them to look elsewhere for water.

Sylvania officials feel like they have options.

They're currently looking at the possibly of getting water from Detroit or even Monroe.

Toledo plans to move ahead with putting a charter amendment on the ballot this fall to create a regional water commission.

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