Coast Guard offers some safety tips following Sandusky River death

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - The investigation continues after the death of a kayaker on the Sandusky River over the weekend.

And with the summer months, water safety becomes a pressing issue but the Coast Guard wants to share some helpful and professional tips.

This simple recommendation is the biggest mistake the coast guard sees with water safety. Telling someone you are going out on the water is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

The coast guard recommends boaters, kayakers and anyone venturing out on the water to have a "float plan". This means you should tell someone who is not going out on the water with you details of where you are going.

"Before you go out let somebody know, what you're doing and when you're coming back. It helps us as emergency responders and everyone else for if something were to happen," said a member of the Coast Guard.

Additionally, wearing life jackets and keeping your cell phone with you for emergencies are also important. The Coast Guard even has an app you can download that will connect you with them in case of an emergency.

You go on the app and it says "if you are in distress" and it has a float plan laid out for you as well as contact information.

Additionally the Coast Guard stresses parents should never let their children go out on the water without a trusted adult who knows how to respond in case of emergency.

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