Couple decides to take relationship to 'next level' on top of CP roller coaster

Couple decides to take relationship to 'next level' on top of CP roller coaster

(WTOL) - A couple from Northville, Michigan took a trip to Cedar Point they won't soon forget.

Eric Wolfe and Ashley Bush entered the park as boyfriend and girlfriend, but left as fiancées.

Eric proposed bright and early on top of a roller coaster called the "Valravn" with the sunrise serving as a stunning backdrop.

The couple has been attending the park together for nearly 5 years, but the park holds memories for Eric that go even further back.

Eric used to go to Cedar Point with his father, who died when he was 15. He stopped attending for a few years, out of fear that it would bring up memories that were difficult to process.

However, when he and Ashley started dating, he realized that she had the same birthday as his late father. This inspired him to give the park another try.

It was meant to be a day trip, but it went so well that the couple stayed overnight and even returned multiple times that year.

Multi-day trips to the park quickly became an annual tradition.

Naturally, when Eric decided he wanted to propose, Cedar Point was an ideal option.

Eric began making phone calls to the park in November.

With the help of Cedar Point staff, Eric came up with the perfect plan.

The couple signed up for the park's "Sunrise Tour" which led them to the top of the coaster.

There were 8 other people on the tour, but everyone involved made sure that Eric and Ashley were the last two to make it up there.

With smiling staff surrounding them, ready to take pictures, Eric got down on one knee and popped the question.

To Eric's delight, Ashley accepted.

The couple was handed a finished caricature they had made earlier that week which read, "Just Engaged".

They were greeted with a round of applause, and when asked how being engaged felt, Ashley exclaimed, "It's awesome!"

Eric said that "amazing" was the only word to describe their special day.

The couple gushed about how the Cedar Point staff went above and beyond to ensure that their moment went off without a hitch.

Ashley and Eric stayed the rest of the day and were recognized throughout the park.

When riding the "Valravn" later that day, Ashley pointed and said, "That's where I said yes!"

The couple has not yet chosen a date for the wedding.

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