WCNet now supports V.92!

V.92 is the newest generation of modem. V.92 will enhance your dial-up connection in three significant ways.

V.92 Technology included in our standard price

1. Modem on Hold - Modem on Hold "suspends" your online session for incoming calls and returns to your online activities after your conversations without redialing. Please note that Call Waiting service from your telephone company is required to support Modem on Hold. If your phone service includes "caller id", V.92 will also provide you the identity of the caller. Voicemail may give added value but is not required. Never miss a call again.

2. Higher throughput - Modem manufacturers claim V.92's enhanced compression (V.44) algorthm results in 30%-40% higher speeds. WCNet has documented 29% speed increases over V.90 performance.

3. Quick Connect - Quick Connect "remembers" line conditions from the previous session, bypasses portions of the training sequence, and gets you online faster. Reduce your dial-up connection time as much as 50%!

V.92 delivers significant enhancements in speed and functionality in a standards-based package.

For any additional questions, call WCNet, toll free: 877-729-2638