SlipStream/FastNet Accelerator

WCNet is offering a Web Accelerator. This reduces the resolution of graphics on a web page, thus making the page smaller in size and quicker to download. Once the page is loaded, you have the option of returning any or all graphics to original resolution by right clicking on the graphic.

WCNet charges $1/mo extra for this service.

You can sign up for the Accelerator from our web site:

The accelerator is not for everyone! But those who have tried it see a noticeable difference and find it to be of value.

Those who WILL benefit from the accelerator

  • I surf for text and enjoy reading
  • I do not care about graphics I just want the pages to load quickly.
  • I do not need clarity on ALL graphics, but I know that I can make the graphics that I care about clearer.

Those who WILL NOT benefit from the accelerator

  • I expect pages to download quickly. The accelerator will not compare to high-speed.
  • I care about the pictures and need to be able to see the details of ALL graphics.