Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: June 10, 2018

(WTOL) - State Senator Randy Gardner is someone who's shown an interest in the lake, and did so before Toledo's water crisis.

Gardner represents Ohio's 2nd Senate district and has served in the state capitol for over 30 years.

His bill, Senate Bill 299, is billed as the "Clean Lake 2020 Plan."

It spends up to $36 million to reduce algal blooms.

Advocates for a clean Lake Erie said that this measure promises to "throw millions of dollars down the same rat holes that for years have wasted taxpayer money and given us a lake that will go toxic again this summer."

The ECOT scandal is said to have many republicans scared.

The failed online charter school's founder gave big money to republicans.

The state is now seeking repayment of millions.

Yet, one republican leader has said that Joe Schiavoni's bill calling for stronger school attendance reporting requirements has been sent to legislative purgatory.

The Regional Growth Partnership is being recognized as one of the top 15 economic development groups in the United States.

RGP is a private organization; a non-profit.  It is the Northwest Ohio arm for "Jobs Ohio".

The Mac Conway Awards for "Excellence in Economic Development" are presented by the prestigious Site Selection magazine.

RGP had a capital investment of $4 billion, which created nearly 4,000 new jobs.

What is fueling that growth?

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