Toledoans donate essentials to kids impacted by ICE raids

Toledoans donate essentials to kids impacted by ICE raids

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo residents came together on Saturday to donate essential items to kids impacted by the ICE raids in Sandusky at the 'Children Left Behind' drive.

Diapers, clothes, formula, and other essentials were donated to Advocates for Basic Legal Equality.

The donations will go to the children of the 114 people that were detained at Corso's Flower and Garden Center on Tuesday.

Event organizers say the cause is important no matter where you stand on politics.

"Regardless of political beliefs or views on immigration, the well-being of children is a bi-partisan concern, and it's nice to see the community get together for that," said co-organizer Lindsay Self.

"We're still happy to take donations. PathStone will be taking donations and taking them down to the Sandusky/Norwalk area this week," said co-organizer Delray Busch.

Here are the final numbers for the drive:

Diapers - 7,001
Wipes - 12,686
Clothes - 900 gallons
Bottles - 45 gallons
Formula - 900.68 ounces
Bulk food (Costco type boxes) - 15 boxes
Misc food items - 12 large moving boxes
Toiletries - 2 large moving boxes
Medical supplies - 3 large moving boxes
Walmart gift cards in small increments - $264.25 total

There is another young lady in Fremont doing her best to help to help those left behind.

Natalia Alonso is a 15-year-old girl who started a movement called Los Ninos de Corsos to collect donations for the children affected by the Sandusky ICE raids. You can read her story here.

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