Rents with Benefits: How to negotiate a better rent in an owner’s market

Rents with Benefits: How to negotiate a better rent in an owner's market

(WTOL) - The Toledo rental market is tight. There are fewer units in comparison to demand for them. That makes it an owner's market.

Still, Ali Alfadhel tried negotiating his rent once — and it worked!

"He gave me a little bit of a discount, $50 which is good!," reveals Alfadhel.

Alfadhel's landlord not only discounted his rent but also footed the bill for snow removal and seasonal HVAC maintenance.

Alfadhel is not only lucky, he's an exception in an owner's market.

Still, Toledo's News Leader discovered some ways you may be able to make a deal on your rental.

Aaron Wiens of Wiens & Roth Real Estate shares strategies which can help a renter get the best deal.

Know your audience — a local owner of a single family rental may be more open to negotiating than a big, out-of-state corporation.

Volunteer to perform some maintenance such as snow removal, salting walkways, or yard work in exchange for a modest discount.

If the unit needs some improvements, you may be able to negotiate new appliances, carpet cleaning, or seasonal yard work.

These are extras which add up and in the long run can save you money and time.

Wiens also advises to prove you are responsible financially and low maintenance.

A landlord or property manager does not want to deal with a problem tenant.

"A renter needs to come prepared, almost as if they're buying a house. Have good references, try their best to have a solid credit history and they really need to show that landlord that they're going to be a good person to rent to," said Wiens, adding to treat a possible rental tour like a job interview.

Ultimately, our renter who successfully negotiated a rent break shares a negotiating hack anyone can try. "Just ask!," said Alfadhel.

You have nothing to lose, except a few bucks off your rent.

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