Sylvania School District hosts school safety forum

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - School safety is more and more becoming a huge topic of discussion.

Sylvania Schools hosted a group who knows a little too well how to handle these situations on Friday.

In January of 2017, West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio experienced what too many schools are; a school shooting.

The victim of the shooting, along with school leaders from the district sat down with our school leaders.

"We're hoping to listen, hear what they went through, learn from the event, learn from strategies they used, to help keep it to the level that it was and it could have been a lot worse," said Dr. Adam Fineske from Sylvania Schools.

"I don't think we necessarily did anything better or worse than some districts where they have causalities but what we can do is we can share the information that we've learned from our experience," said Kraig

Logan Cole just happened to go into the bathroom at the wrong time. School leaders think he just startled the shooter and was shot in the chest and neck.

Now, he's using his experience to try and make an impact.

"What I kind of do this for is I think if what I say can help any school or any district or any person to help prepare more then it is definitely worth it," said Cole.

The forum, hosted by Sylvania schools included school and law enforcement leaders from across Northwest Ohio.

West Liberty Salem Leaders are talking about the effectiveness of ALICE training, and different safety procedures the district now has in place that others might not have thought about before.

Dr. Fineske said this is a way to keep the conversation going.

"We're just kind of hearing it full out, from one end to the other, if this happened here, what would we do? Now we have some thing that we can learn from," he said.

Dr. Fineske said Sylvania plans on implementing more cameras, more school resources officers and more counselor support moving forward.

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