Tiffin to use grant money to greatly improve Riverside Park

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - It won't cost the city anything, but an underdeveloped park in Tiffin soon will be completely renovated.

The only semblance of an entrance for Riverside Park involves a nondescript walkway between two houses.

Currently, it isn't so much a park, but more a large grass field between the homes' backyards.

The only signs that it is a park are some pieces of rundown recreational equipment and a dilapidated basketball court.

Thanks to a $150,000 community development block gr ant, however, Tiffin soon will be greatly improving the area.

Plans are to install a full playground, walking paths and a shelter and to upgrade the basketball court sometime next year.

Mayor Aaron Montz says the upgrades will completely revitalize this tucked-away neighborhood.

"Without nice neighborhood parks, neighborhoods begin to decline," said Montz. "And this, especially with so many young people that live in this neighborhood on the south side of Tiffin, this is going to be a tremendous improvement right in a lot of people's backyard."

Tiffin City Council wants to hold a special public input meeting with the residents in this neighborhood at some point this summer to home in on what residents will want to see in their neighborhood park.

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