Trial begins Monday for man accused of shooting Toledo Police officer in 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A man accused of shooting a Toledo Police officer in the face is set to stand trial starting Monday.

The case of the People vs. Jamaine Hill began when five shots were fired at 2 a.m. from inside a house on Caroline Avenue in West Toledo in November 2017.

Hill is accused of firing the shots that nearly hit five members of the TPD SWAT team who were serving a search warrant at the property. One of the shots did hit Detective Jason Picking.

Hill's defense all along has been that he shot in self defense, not knowing it was the police at his front door.

It will be up to the jury chosen at the Lucas County Courthouse to decide if that is what happened.

The state is expected to call Picking to the stand to testify.

Picking is still recovering but it will be the first time we will hear from Picking since the shooting.

Before testimony begins, the jury will be taken to the scene to see the house from which the shots were fired and the spot where Picking was standing.

This is not all that common in trials, but can be helpful to the jury to be able to better visualize the scene of the crime as they listen to testimony.

The case has been delayed several times due to the defendant's health issues and hospital stays.

The trial should wrap up by the end of the week.

Hill is facing eight felony charges.

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