Mom posts video of young son driving car, stirs up controversy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Controversy was stirred up on Facebook Thursday night after a local woman streamed footage of her young son driving her car.

On Wednesday night, a video was re-posted on a local Facebook group of a young boy driving a car. It is unclear exactly where he is in the video.

The mom who posted it was checked in to Point Place, but many Facebook users say he was driving in what looks like the Aurora Gonzalez Community Center parking lot.

WTOL 11 reached out to the center but was not able to get a confirmation.

We also reached out to the mom who originally live streamed the incident for more than three minutes on her Facebook page. She said they were on their own private property and does not see anything wrong with what she allowed her son to do.

Many users have gone to Facebook to share their opinions on the video. Some are concerned and said the video is dangerous. Others believe it was harmless.

The Toledo Police Department was unavailable for comment. The original live stream since has been taken down.

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