St. Luke's Hospital celebrates impactful milestone

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - St. Luke's Hospital is celebrating a special anniversary and could impact you and your medical journey in the future

It's been 10 years since St. Luke's doctors became the first in the are to use robotic surgery with the DaVinci system.

"We actually took the step off the edge of the pool and jumped in and said we are going for this. I think it has transformed this organization as being seen as a leader in the surgical areas," said Daniel Wakeman, the president and CEO of St. Luke's Hospital.

St. Luke's doctors said this is becoming the standard of practice more and more.

Dr. Salvador Peron performed the first surgery at St. Luke's with the machine a decade ago.

"Not only do they have remarkably smaller incisions, less pain, less discomfort, less bleeding, but it has made almost impossible surgeries impossible," said Dr. Beth White.

"Everybody thinks that the robot is doing the surgery, we're really doing the surgery, it is just the instruments within the Da Vinci are allowing us to extend and improve our abilities as surgeons themselves," explained Dr. Peron.

Along with this milestone, it's been 16 months since all ties were cut between ProMedica and St. Luke's.

Wakeman said it was a heavy lift throughout the past year or so, but, they're doing just fine with almost all of their beds full.

"It's been a great learning experience, people pull together and really stretch to do the things they need to do," he said.

Wakeman also added that he expects St. Luke's to continue growing the next few years, more so in outpatient activity.

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