UTMC celebrates cancer survivors

UTMC celebrates cancer survivors
Cancer survivor Wendy Boone was inspired with these words to beat cancer (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fighter cancer is not an easy task, so beating cancer is a cause for celebration.

And that is exactly what was celebrated at the UTMC Dana Cancer Center on Thursday.

The gathering was in honor of cancer survivors, their caregivers and those on the road to recovery, and their strength and courage through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Chad Tuckerman is a pharmacist of UTMC, and also a cancer survivor.

Ten months cancer-free of testicular cancer, he has a message for others on receiving treatment.

"I try to make sure that everybody can stay hopeful, stay positive, not let cancer control your life. Look at it in such a way as to how you can live your life," Tuckerman said.

The journey of colon-cancer survivor Wendy Boone is about to end after 24 rounds of chemotherapy, and says never giving up is the key to survival.

"Just don't give up. Keep fighting. Do what you have to do and live every single day to the fullest," said Boone.

Boone even has a T-shirt as a daily reminder to never give up. It reads, "Sorry cancer. You picked the wrong warrior."

UTMC doctor John Nemunaitus says a groundbreaking treatment used at the center is called precision therapy, which identifies the genes of cancer.

"When the cancer develops, every single part of the cancer growth is related to a mutant or abnormal gene. We identify that gene. We have therapies in many cases that can destroy that cancer based on that gene signal," said Dr. Nemunaitus.

UTMC's Center for Health and Successful Living addresses cancer prevention in the community, screenings and survivor programs for cancer patients.

"Our center creates a family. It really does. We have people you can count on, visit each other when they're going through treatment. Something really important while they're going through the cancer journey" according to Dr. Amy Thompson.

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