TPS students' 'Wakanda Forever' pizza joins Pizza Cat menu

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Public Schools students who decided to not take the summer off this year developed six new menu options at a local pizza shop as part of their entrepreneur camp on Tuesday.

And now, thanks to their efforts, patrons at Pizza Cat can taste the fruits of the students' labor when they order the Wakanda Forever pizza.

Students spent Tuesday at Pizza Cat on Monroe Street.

While there, they learned about running a business, developing new products and marketing those products in hopes of turning a profit. Then the students came up with six new pizzas to see which one was the best seller.

The winning pie, which came from the team also named "Wakanda Forever," features Pizza Cat's regular pizza sauce, mushrooms, sausage, bacon and banana peppers.

The winning group also won a $50 gift card for each member.

The event was not only a fun way to teach kids about how businesses work, but also teaches those students that they themselves can have money-making ideas, even at a young age.

"Yeah it's pretty helpful. Schools aren't really designed to teach about money. So, this is a head start for them on their peers, essentially. Because it's summer time and they're thinking about starting a business instead of taking the summer off," said Matt Wojtowisz, owner of Pizza Cat.

The Wakanda Forever pizza now will become a permanent fixture on the menu at Pizza Cat.

Pizza Cat is open until midnight or possibly later if there is a high enough demand.

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