Jeep to offer car subscription program

Jeep to offer car subscription program
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's an idea that could change the way you buy cars.

A subscription, for a monthly fee you could get several different cars under the same company. Fiat Chrysler is trying it out and that means Jeep vehicles.

It's a big shift in the market, one some believe could create a big business.

Let's say you want to drive a Jeep Renegade for your family, but have always dreamed of having a Jeep Wrangler, soon your dream could be a reality through a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles subscription service or car share.

"It's always interesting," said Tim Bedard, a Toledo resident who loves cars. "You know you got options."

"I  think it's a fantastic way to get more product on the road," said Marc Ray, Vice President and partner at Grogan's Towne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and Charlie's Dodge. "I think it's going to be more popular in the metro markets than what it might be in some of the rural areas. I think it's a fantastic opportunity for FCA to get more product onto the road and for dealers to be involved with it."

Grogan's Town Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram says their lot has been busy this year, but they believe this new FCA program will increase business. They say already about 70% of their business is lease agreements so the ability to swap a car could interest their customers, but they are still unsure about the details of the program.

"We're expecting to get some more information as dealers on how we're going to be involved in it what the cost is going to be, what vehicles are going to be available," said Ray. "You know it's going to be about convenience, it's going to be about getting the right product on the road that people desire."

Car sharing could be available as early as 2019 that means one day you could be driving a Jeep Cherokee, and then a Jeep Wrangler, or even a Compass.

Some they like not having a monthly payment and owning their car, but this option is interesting and helpful for consumers.

"Me personally, I'd rather have my own car, keep it, store it, take care of it you know," said Tim Bedard. "I know it's mine, but if somebody wants a faster car or a different design that comes out every two years or every year, I think it's a great idea for somebody."

FCA said the program will be offered in good, better, and best model options for customers and also includes insurance and concierge services.

Dealerships say there is still a lot to learn before they can steer customers to the idea, but they're optimistic about what the future holds.

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