BG Victory Inn land will go to new hotel under same owner

BG Victory Inn land will go to new hotel under same owner

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Plans are underway for the site of a former troubled hotel in Bowling Green.

On Wednesday night, however, controversy surrounded the project and it's only in its infancy.

A new hotel is going in place of the Victory Inn in Bowling Green under the same owner.

The land has been vacant for more than three years.

Construction for a Home2 Suites is going on now.

Bowling Green citizens have expressed concern on Facebook about the same owner operating another hotel.

Back in 2015, there were reports of bed bugs as well as many other health code violations.

Bowling Green city officials said that no one has publicly expressed concern to their office about the new hotel.

They plan to that ensure this new site will benefit citizens and visitors.

"We certainly will be engaged with them to make sure whatever becomes of that site will comply with the health code and city regulations," said Joe Fawcett, of Bowling Green.

Business neighbors of the hotel also hope the new hotel does not have problems this time around.

An official opening day has yet to be announced.

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