Residents speak out about scam callers

(WTOL) - A local woman is speaking out about a scam going around in Wood County.

Crooks are calling at random, trying to dupe residents out of money.

"My office manager came and got me which she never does and she said, 'It's an emergency! There's a deputy on the phone'," said Wood County resident, Danielle Rywalski.

Rywalski is one of many people in Wood County who have received a scam call in the past week.

The scammer told Rywalski that she was one out of 77 residents who missed jury duty and owed money.

Rywalski was recently summoned for jury duty and even filled out paperwork. However, she never heard back.

"He sounded really professional, he said he was Deputy Davis. He gave me his badge number. He had all the information. The actual cases he said that were listed against me were things, and he gave me real case number so, he did sound like a real person," Rywalski said.

This was the call the Wood County Sheriff's Department issued an alert about on Monday.

The sheriff's office said that on Monday they received 6 complaints of scam calls.

One of the signs Rywalski picked up on was the callers voice.

"He did have a southern accent which kind of made me think he wasn't from here," Rywalski said.

She also noticed that the caller was unable to answer basic questions, like what the address of the courthouse she should meet him at was.

She said that asking specific questions frustrated the caller and is a good way to identify scams.

Phone scams like this one are seeming to pop up all over this summer.

On Monday, a guest at a hotel in Dundee, Michigan received a call in his hotel room from someone posing as a member of the hotel staff.

The Dundee police said that the caller told the hotel guest that they needed to confirm their credit card information.

The man obliged, believing that the caller was representing the hotel.

Soon after, the guest was notified that his credit card had been overdrawn. The charges being were in large amounts from out of state.

After a call to the front desk, the man discovered that he had been scammed.

The Dundee Police department reminds everyone to be extremely cautious when sharing sensitive information, like their credit card number.

If you believe that you have been contacted by a scam caller, hang up the phone, and contact your local police department.

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