Flag City Honor Flight makes sure veterans are able to see DC memorial

(WTOL) - Honor Flight first began about ten years ago, to make sure World War II veterans were able to see their new memorial in Washington D.C.

Over the years, it's grown bigger and bigger, expanding to surviving veterans of all our wars.

The day began by loading a charter with 76 veterans and their guardians.

They flew to Baltimore and caught a bus to D.C. all to spend a couple hours at the WWII memorial.

Stars represented the more than 500 thousand Americans who died between 1941 and 1945.

"I always wanted to be a tail gunner when I was growing up, and I managed to get it. I was good. I had to be. I'm alive and they're not," said Don Berger, a WII veteran from Waterville.

"Wet... snow... not knowing where anybody was, many times we didn't know who was on our left or on our right; very discouraging, " said Don Watt, a WWII veteran from Maumee.

There will be another Honor Flight in the first week of October. Applications are being accepted now.

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