Money Talks News: When an all-inclusive resort isn't all-inclusive

(WTOL) - Vacations are a great way to relax and one of the best ways to get nickel and dimed to death.

How many times have you way overspent your vacation budget? If the answer is always, then maybe you've considered a vacation you can't overspend: The all-inclusive resort.

You've seen the commercials for these resorts, primarily in the Caribbean and Mexico, where you pay up front, then eat, drink and play on the house.

Sounds great, right? It it is great, but this is a place you really have to look at the fine print.

You really need to check out before you check-in because all-inclusive means different things to different resorts.

For example, sure, drinks are included, but does that include top-shelf alcohol?

Some resorts and cruises also charge more for upscale restaurant choices.

How about spa services? They're often not included.

Even getting that room you see in the brochure may cost you a little extra.

What about water sports? Non-motorized stuff like paddle boards and snorkeling, sure. But, what about motorized stuff, like jet skis?

When you leave that resort or that ship on an excursion, is that covered? Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. The same is true with tipping.

The point is, you won't know if the price is right until you know what you're getting and what you're paying.

Speaking of price, if that all-inclusive is too pricey, you might be able to book cheap lodging nearby, then get a daypass.

One fancy resort that was found was $300 a night for a room, but you could get a day pass that covered you all day for just $100.

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