Summer meal program kicks off at Scott High School

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One in four children struggle with hunger on a daily basis.

That's why one local organization wants to make sure every kid in the Greater Toledo Area has access to a free meal everyday.

The group Connecting Kids to Meals kicked off its summer meal partnership program at Scott High School on Tuesday.

On hand were a number of food vendors who supply meals to kids during the summer.

Those meals are offered at 175 locations.

However, those who attended the event were not only able to sample the food options, but were also asked to judge the food as well.

"We want to know. We want to know whether the food being provided is something that both our community likes, but we also have our kiddos here, and they're going to taste test it and tell us what they think about the foods that are here," said Wendi Huntley, president of Connecting Kids to Meals.

While the adults may have had some critiques, it seemed all of the kids liked everything.

"It's good," said Frederick.

"Yup," said Julian with a mouth stuffed with food.

"It's something I never tried, and so it's good. And I'm thankful to them for them to set it up and have us sample it," said Armahn, who will be entering the sixth grade next school year.

Last year, Connecting Kids with meals served around 9 - 10 thousand children every day.

But surveys say that is only a third of the children in our area who struggle with hunger on a daily basis.

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