New summer scams target senior citizens

(WTOL) - More scam calls have been reported throughout the Northwest Ohio area.

The Wood County sheriff's office reported that they have received six complaints about scam calls on Tuesday alone.

The caller claimed to be "Davis" from the sheriff's office and told people that there is a warrant out for their arrest.

This is not the only scam out there.

The BBB put out an alert warning that many scams target senior citizens.

This particular report addressed lottery scams.

The BBB said that scammers can target you by phone, direct mail or even on social media.

Experts say limiting your Facebook posts can help keep you safe. But scammers will never go away completely and it's important to be alert.

What you need to know, is that true lotteries will never ask you for money.

If someone asks you for personal information do not give it out regardless of how much money they say you've won.

"One of them told a consumer, 'When we tell you you've won a million dollars, buy law, we have to give you the million dollars, so you have to pay the taxes first. This is crazy. These stories are crazy. You never send money in advance to claim any kind of prize," said Dick Eppstein of the Better Business Bureau.

If you receive any of these calls, you're encouraged to contact the BBB and call the police immediately. 

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