Millbury & Lake Township Tornado: Looking Back 8 Years

Millbury & Lake Township Tornado: Looking Back 8 Years

This infamous tornado outbreak happened 8 years ago this evening. A total of 6 tornadoes in northwest Ohio and southern Michigan.  Hardest hit areas were Fulton county near Delta, Lake Township/Millbury and Dundee.

Lake Township/Millbury

The strongest and most devastating tornado touched down at 11:20 PM in Lake township and traveled 10 miles through downtown Millbury and resulted in 5 immediate fatalities with two subsequent fatalities in the following days.  This EF 4 tornado reached max winds of 170-175 mph from Lake High School through downtown Millbury.

Dundee, Michigan

There was a tornado confirmed in Dundee. The tornado hit around 2:17 a.m. Sunday.

West of town, some homes were leveled. Lots of trees are down in the area, especially along Tecumseh Ave. The high school postponed its commencement.

Folks were evacuated from Holiday Express; Splash Universe was severely damaged and several visitors were injured, though not severely. Cabela's was damaged as was the Fermi power plant, which shut down.

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