Susan G. Komen contributes to new study saying early-stage breast cancer patients don't need chemo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new study is shining a light on breast cancer treatments saying about 70-percent of women with early-stage breast cancer don't need chemo.

A big contributor to the research is Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio.

The Susan G. Komen foundation contributed to funding this research which happened over the past 10-years. It followed women with the most common form of breast cancer.

Some went through chemotherapy and some did not. The results found that only 30 percent of the women actually benefited from chemotherapy.

Now doctors will be able to consult with patients to figure out if chemotherapy is the best option for them.

The Susan G Komen foundation contributed $375,000 to this research. The Northwest Ohio Affiliate has invested $4-million in national research efforts.

They believe this study is a huge step forward for cancer research.

"This is an incredible breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer, but everyone needs to make sure to consult with their doctor, listen to what they have to say and work with them! Feel free to ask all the questions you need," said Desmond Strooh with Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio.

Medical professionals said this is the beginning of personalized treatment options for breast cancer patients.

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