Anthony Wayne Trail down to 1 lane inbound to downtown

Anthony Wayne Trail down to 1 lane inbound to downtown
Anthony Wayne trail resurfacing project began Monday, June 4

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you take the Anthony Wayne trail into Downtown Toledo regularly, you may want to find an alternate route.

Crews began condensing the inbound lanes of the Anthony Wayne Trail down to one lane of traffic on Monday.

Preliminary work had already begun, and had lanes down to two in each direction and the City Park and Emerald Street intersections closed.

This is because ODOT needs to completely replace this aging bridge that goes over a Norfolk Southern rail line.

"This is good timing, because there are new clearance requirements for the underway for the trains. So we will be raising the elevation." said Kelsie Hoagland, Public Information Specialist with ODOT District 2.

Even though the Anthony Wayne Trail acts as a main artery for South Toledo traffic to get to I-75 and downtown, the work has to be done.

The expectation is for inbound traffic to be condensed to one lane until the end of November.

Then, the next phase of the construction will replace the outbound side of the bridge next year.

"Even though we're only going through November for this phase, the following phase will actually go through October of 2019. So, that will be in place for quite a while. And we know that it's going to be a hassle, but we expect that motorist will anticipate those delays and then find an alternative route." said Hoagland.

Coinciding with this ODOT project, the City of Toledo announced late last week that they will be resurfacing the Anthony Wayne Trail from Glendale to South Avenue.

Essentially, if you can, stay away from the Trail this Summer.

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