Ohio officials announce locations of medical marijuana dispensaries

Ohio officials announce locations of medical marijuana dispensaries

OHIO (WTOL) - Ohio officials have announced where the state's 56 medical marijuana dispensaries will be located.

The Board of Pharmacy named who will get the licenses in 28 geographic districts on Monday

Overall, there were 376 applications for the medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to sell to qualified, registered patients who have received recommendations from a state-approved list of doctors.

Smoking medical marijuana, however, still is illegal in Ohio. Dispensaries will be able to sell oils, edibles, and vaping concentrations to patients.

Dispensaries will not be allowed to be within 500 feet of schools and churches.

Here are the local businesses approved to sell medical marijuana:

  • 127 OH, LLC: 1238 Conant Street, Maumee
  • GTI Ohio, LLC: 3151-3157 W. Sylvania Avenue, Toledo
  • Glass City Alternatives, LLC:1155 N. Main Street, Bowling Green
  • Eagle Dispensaries 2, LLC: 502 North Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta
  • Verdant Creations, LLC: 326 Jamesway Road, Marion
  • Cannamed Therapeutics, LLC: 1800 East State Street, Fremont
  • OPC Retail, LLC: 2018 Cleveland Road, Huron
  • The Forest Sandusky, LLC: 1651 Tiffin Avenue, Sandusky

You can see a full list of dispensary locations here.

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