Summer Fun: Great June Weather Ahead

Summer Fun: Great June Weather Ahead

Brush it off, rain chances are over for all by early afternoon as showers and a few isolated thundershowers exit stage right to the east by early afternoon.

Keep the outdoor plans in tact with dry weather continuing the remainder of the day.

A breezy and comfortable afternoon with highs in the middle and upper 70s.

Early June remains ideal and very comfortable.

This evening will be dry with a cooler and less humid breeze.  The "Skeeter Meter" still shows lots of pesky mosquitoes this evening due to recent rain and heat.

Have the bug repellent handy this evening.

Monday looks to be dry, partly sunny and in the mid 70s.

The rest of the week will have a mild feel with a few rain and storms chances.

Absolutely ideal early June weather should please the crowd with no big heat and highs in the 70s and low 80s through the next 10 day!