Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: June 3, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The suburbs took one look at a City of Toledo counter to the original Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA) and said a swift "no way." 
They countered with a TAWA.2 and made a big move on a key issue.

Maumee Mayor Rich Carr was there when all parties, including Toledo, met to talk about the Toledo-inspired Toledo Regional Water Commission.

Crews outside the meeting room said they heard loud voices.

Toledo mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz has carved out a "let's talk about this" approach, but there's also an "us versus them" mentality. Where's that coming from?

What are the most recent Ohio EPA dictates concerning our water system?

And, we keep hearing that Detroit has water capacity to sell. How seriously is Sylvania considering that option?

Our Jerry Anderson sits down with Carr answers these questions and more.

We have a huge and deadly drug problem in these parts.

Seems that we might be pulling out all the stops to fight it.

But what if you were told that police in our townships, and townships in our area, cannot patrol or enforce laws on our interstate highways?

Township police could know stuff is being transported right through their neck of the woods and could do nothing about that.

 Lake Township Police Chief and Administrator Mark Hummer and Township Crime Prevention Officer Ron Craig tell us what is stopping them from enforcing laws on interstate highways and in their township, as well as the new crime prevention programs they are undertaking.

It means "hard skin."

It is "Scleroderma."

It's not just one disorder but several.

If you have it, as up to 100 thousand Americans do, your skin and connective tissues tighten and then harden,  and it gets worse.

Robin Landrus and Jan Weaver discuss the disorder after Landrus's mother, Lillian Swartz, died from it.

Victims are 4 to 1 women. It mostly strikes between the ages of 30 to 50.

What causes scleroderma?

What are the early symptoms?

We answer these questions, hear Lillian's story, as well as learn what the family is doing about it.

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