Resurfacing on Anthony Wayne Trail starts a year before scheduled

Resurfacing on Anthony Wayne Trail starts a year before scheduled

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drivers who are sick of the bumpy ride on the Anthony Wayne Trail have good news coming their way.

City of Toledo leaders are speeding up the resurfacing of the trail and it is starting much sooner than expected.

Resurfacing starts Monday near the Toledo Zoom starting from South to Glendale and it's all happening a year ahead of schedule.

The project will impact your commute but eventually and thankfully, the potholes will be gone.

"It's not secret that Toledo faces a real challenge when it comes to it's infrastructure and it's roads. Potholes are a well known problem. They annoy Toledoans and they annoy me," said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Drivers have complained and city leaders have listened.

Kapszukiewicz said his staff worked on freeing up money in the budget so this wasn't put off any longer.

"We found $904,000 the city of Toledo to fix the Anthony Wayne Trail this year because we know that we couldn't afford to put it off any longer. We have a great partnership with ODOT who is contributing over a million and a half and we are going to get it done this year," said Kapszukiewicz.

On the corner of Glendale and the Trail is Lickity Split.  The owner, Deanna McHugh said she's happy this is finally getting done

"We have business coming down this street all day every day passing us. No one wants to go down it when there is bumps and potholes that will take out your tires so now that'll it'll be done hopefully it'll be busier," said McHugh.

Crews are working at night from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. to minimize the impact on traffic. Two lanes will remain open at a time. Streets, Bridges and Harbor has crews almost daily patching potholes on the trail.

Now, leaders are glad they can get to work somewhere else.

"We're going to actually be able to take those crews and focus more on the residential streets and might be able to concentrate on just one crew here going from Glendale here to the city line," said Jeremy says, mikolajczyk

Then in 2022, the reconstruction will begin from Glendale to the city line which will complete a total resurfacing of the trail for the city.

This is expected to last around 4 months

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