Turnpike worker killed on the job in 1983 honored

Turnpike worker killed on the job in 1983 honored

. - A local man who was killed while working in a construction site on the Ohio Turnpike was remembered Friday.

Kenneth Geiger was only 53 when a semi truck operator failed to merge away from a construction site on the Ohio Turnpike in 1983.

The truck rolled over the work site, hitting one turnpike worker and killing Ken. Peter Bates was also working in the crew.

"By the time I was able to turn around and get the first guy off of the jackhammer and and then the other four gentlemen had gotten behind the dump truck, the semi hit Keith Buckelmeyer in the back and took Kenny's life," said Bates

The Turnpike Commission has unveiled a special memorial featuring Kenneth's name on a warning sign.

There is a sign for every turnpike worker and emergency personnel killed along the turnpike.

The hope is the signs can humanize the construction site, reminding drivers of the people working hard to keep this vital road operating.

"It's been a long time since it happened, but it was such a tragic accident, that the family was pretty shaken up . So we really appreciate what they're doing," said Kenneth's brother Robert Geiger.

The time frame between Memorial Day and Labor Day are considered to be the Deadliest 100 days for new drivers.

That's why the Turnpike Commission is handing out red "Wait to Text" finger bands to all local school district in communities along the turnpike.

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