Findlay family overcharged $6,700 for water

Findlay family overcharged $6,700 for water

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - What would you do if you found out you had been overpaying thousands on your water bill for years?

That's the exact problem a Findlay area family is facing right now.

"For a long time we felt like the water bill was kind of high. And it wasn't until recently when we've heard from neighbors what they were paying for their water, and ours was way higher," said Robert Ritzler.

That's when Robert called the village of Arcadia, who supplies water to the Red Hawk Run development east of Findlay.

A third party plumber found that the Ritzler's water meter was running two and a half times faster than normal, charging the family for 2.5 gallons for every 1 gallon used.

That added up to $6,765 since Robert bought the house in 2010. The number was even acknowledged by the village mayor via text.

But in an agreement letter from the Village of Arcadia's lawyer, the family was asked to accept a credit of only $3,746 and let the village replace the faulty meter, the family declined the offer.

"Because we know as soon as they get rid of the meter, they can get rid of the evidence, and then what do we have to try to get our money back. So, they came out and turned off our water while my wife and kids were here yesterday," said Ritzler.

The Ritzlers hired a lawyer as well and their lawyer had their water turned back on.

Now the family is weighing the options of suing for the extra money they have paid or contacting the Attorney General's office.

But Arcadia's lawyer said the Public Utility Commission of Ohio and the AG's office doesn't have authority over them, citing governmental immunity.

"But, they are trying to operate as a government, saying they're immune to paying us that money back. And we haven't asked for anything extra, we haven't done anything wrong, we haven't done anything to them. All we've done is overpaid, you've acknowledged that we're overpaid, can we get our money back,"said Ritzler

WTOL 11 reached out to the village of Arcadia, who deferred to their village lawyer.

That lawyer did not answer or respond to our calls.

Since this story aired, the Village of Arcadia has replaced the faulty water meter, no word yet on any agreement on reparations.

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