2 charged in Toledo's latest animal abuse case

1 accused of cruelty was previously convicted of crime
Major (Source: TAHS)
Major (Source: TAHS)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two people have been charged in the city's latest case of animal abuse.

Bernard Perez and Corrie Hunt of South Toledo face animal cruelty charges stemming from May 14.

Police say Perez and Hunt knowingly committed an act of cruelty against pit bull mix Major by depriving the dog of necessary food, water and vet treatment.

Police say their actions cause the dog to become sick and to suffer.

The pictures provided by the Toledo Area Humane Society show what Major looked like when he first arrived at TAHS.

Perez was previously convicted of animal cruelty in Toledo Municipal Court in 2004.

Because of this, Perez faces a fifth-degree felony charge as well as an additional misdemeanor charge.

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