Seeing double at Ottawa Hills graduation

Seeing double at Ottawa Hills graduation
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

OTTAWA HILLS, OH (WTOL) - High school graduation is a day of achievement and recognition after twelve years of hard work. For some at Ottawa Hills High School they have to share their day.

Ottawa Hills Graduation was full of pomp and circumstance. There were 84 students who graduated and are headed to several different universities across the country earning more than $10 million in scholarships.

"An exceptionally bright group of students in terms of where they are going to college and what their tests scores are like,"said Ottawa Hills Principal, Ben McMurray. "A very creative group, critical thinkers, we're excited for them."

Some at the ceremony felt like they were seeing double, times five. That's because they were. Ottawa Hills graduated five sets of twins in their 2018 class.

"I don't really think much of it except for the identical, I get them mixed up sometimes," joked Al Eichbauer graduating next to his twin Addie.

"Once I found out I was like what? Like this is so weird," said Madison Saul, another twin in the 2018 class.

All ten of the twins started and ended high school together. It was a day they say was much anticipated.

"It's very exciting and sad at the same time," said Ben Wener next to his twin Jack. "But I think we're all excited to move on and have a change of scenery and meet new people."

Two of the five are fraternal twins while the other three are identical twins, but all have a little "twin-ception."

They said they are used to sharing big days like graduation.

"It's pretty different," said Alex Saul.

"But we've been doing it our whole lives," added his twin Madison.

"Yeah we've gotten used to it with birthdays and stuff having to share the glory," explained Alex.

But for some of these twins their time together all day long ends with commencement.

"I'm going to South Carolina, She's going to Cincinnati," said Al Eichbauer.

His twin sister Addie said  she isn't nervous to split up.

"I don't know it's just like having a brother that's just in the same grade," explained Addie.

The Werner boys admit they've done everything together, until now.

"Next year I am going to Ohio State and he is going to South Carolina," said Ben. "So it will be our first year separated."

"I hope that he does well in school, meets a lot of new people, and gets a lot of good opportunities for a job," explained Jack.

But other twins are planning to keep the good times rolling together, even in college.

"It's been amazing actually," explained Rameez Mahmood of his time with his twin brother. "We're actually going to the same college also, so we'll be seeing each other more."

"He asked me where I wanted to go and then I asked him and then we kind of like said it at the same time," added Sulmon Mahmood.

The Mahmood twins will head to Miami University in the fall, but say they are majoring in different fields giving them some time apart.

As the Ottawa Hills class of 2018 sat in their school for the last time they remembered the good times together and prepared for the unexpected times ahead.

All ten of the graduates say they wish the best for their twin, and fellow classmates as they turn the page into the next chapter of their lives.

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