Toledo City Council discuss Toledo Lead Ordinance as deadline approaches

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was a heated discussion during Thursday's  three-hour long meeting about Toledo's lead ordinance.

Only 10 percent of 12,500 phase 1 properties are in compliance and they only have 30 days until the deadline.

The room was almost cleared by Council Member Ujvagi as the clapping and yelling was reaching new heights.

Many council members said the unintended consequences were seen Thursday night.

Many of the neighbors feel the pain as tenants do because their landlords have not complied.

City leaders are reminded everyone who were getting worked up in the meeting that it is about the kids and keeping them from getting lead poisoning and letting them live in a safe home.

No one disagreed with that, but the tenants were frustrated because many of them have been told they have 30 days to find a new home.
WTOL 11 spoke to Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz about the ordinance. He said 90 percent failure is not acceptable.

He was not in office when this was enacted but he said he's open to having a conversation to try and make this work.

"I want the children in our community to be safe and not be lead poisoned , that is what we all want and so I think everyone owes it to city council and health department. We owe it to them to see if there strategy can work. I want it to work," said Kapszukiewicz.

The meeting wrapped up by Council members said they're opening to continue talking about this but the deadline is still June 30th.

Property owners will face a $50 a day fine for not being in compliance that can go up to $10,000.

As of right now that applies to more than 11000 properties.