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Wood County will soon have mixed recycling centers

(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)

Some good changes to recycling are coming to Wood County.

In less than a month Wood County will have mixed recycling centers. Wood county residents will soon be able to to drop off recycling all in one bin.

Cleaned items can be put in the common bin at one of the 11 new locations throughout the county.

Waste management said residents will be able to recycle more materials, including glass and plastic. They hope the mixed bins will encourage more people to recycle.

Elisa Kanary seems to agree. 

“I can just grow it in one bin and be done with it. I think the reason they don’t use it is because sometimes they’re so picky,” said Kanary. 

The 11 mixed recycling centers will open up on June 25 next month.

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