Vandalism affects safety of local park

Vandalism affects safety of local park
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Vandals have destroyed property in a local park, and authorities are putting the word out that they will be caught and punished.

Asbury Park has been the scene of multiple incidents of vandalism over the past couple of weeks.

Those trying to help are being personally targeted.

"Last night they came and they egged my truck," said Frank Herbert, who heads the Blockwatch Group for the Asbury Park area.

There is tagging, or spray-painted signs, but these criminals have taken the destruction further, and people could get hurt.

The slide is now off its track and the park benches have had all of the wooden slats stolen, rendering them useless.

"Over on Walker, across the street from Whittier Elementary, there was a car window broke out. Two weeks ago there was a bunch of people in the park, young kids on four wheelers and actually, there was a police report made out on that for criminal damage. They rode through the park and tore the grass up and everything," said Hebert.

The City of Toledo Parks and Recreation Department is aware of the problem and are working toward solutions.

A new slide was ordered and should be in within six to eight weeks.

The city is in the process of getting bids for new park benches to be installed in all city parks.

The new benches will be more modern and ergonomic, and built out of a solid piece of metal to hopefully avoid problems like this in the future.

"In the upcoming week here, I'm going to try to get a sky cop camera in the park. We've also called for more police patrols throughout the neighborhood which they have increased the a little bit, but I would like to see a little bit more," Hebert said.

The City will remove the metal posts that used to support the benches within the next week. This is so that no one hurts themselves tripping over them, or trying to avoid any of the sharp edges.

In the meantime, the park is still open for use.

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