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The city of Bowling Green may soon have the largest community solar space in Ohio

(Source: City of Bowling Green Facebook) (Source: City of Bowling Green Facebook)

The East Gypsy Lane Road in Bowling Green could soon become a community solar space

The project would allow Bowling Green residents and businesses to sign up and get their electricity from the space. Official details regarding pricing have yet to be worked out. 

Daryl Stockburger with the Bowling Green Utilities Department said the idea is a popular one.

“We have had a lot of interest expressed think everything is going to depend on what is the actual cost,” said Stockburger.

If this does become a reality, the city of Bowling Green said it will be a pretty cool site to see.

The panels would not be in a fixed position. They will sometimes face to the east and sometimes face to the west and at noon they would just be flat. Depending on what time of day you drive by it will look a little different.

The empty space is currently owned partially by the wood county commissioners as well as the wood county board of developmental disabilities. 

The city of Bowling Green is still waiting to hear back from the wood county commissioners office on if they will agree to sign a leasing option for this space to become a community solar area.

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