Downtown Sylvania construction project begins Monday

Downtown Sylvania construction project begins Monday

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - A major construction project will start in downtown Sylvania on Monday, June 4 and will last the entire summer. 

Business owners on Main Street are aware of the construction.

Dani Fuller, who owns The Fuller Art House on Main Street, is hoping it doesn't slow down traffic through her gallery.

"Anytime you have a whole summer planned with events, you have to worry about the construction that's going on," Fuller said, "I think we're lucky enough, it might not hurt us too much. A lot of our events are walking events, ride-your-bike downtown events."

The project on Main Street between Monroe Street and the bridge over Ten Mile Creek is broken up into four stages.

The first starts Monday, and means northbound lanes through that stretch will be closed for about 40 days.

The detour is Harroun Road.

This is the work being done:

• Full-Depth Pavement Reconstruction

• Commercial Driveway Apron Replacements

• Sidewalk Widening

• ADA Ramp Replacements + 2 New Ramps at River Trail

• Storm Sewer Replacement

• Pavement Marking & Signage Upgrade

• Vehicular Signal Head Replacement

• Full Pedestrian Signal Upgrade

• Decorative Light Pole Replacement

• Decorative Crosswalks (Same as Mid-Block between Maplewood and Monroe)

• Bridge Deck Irrigation

"It was installed in 1926 so, as you can tell, the pavement and the sidewalks, basically everything in this stretch needs a refresh," said Deputy Director of Sylvania's Department of Public Service, Joseph Shaw.

A lot needed to be coordinated for the project between the end of the school year and start of the LGPA Marathon Classic in July.

"Right before the tournament, we'll open it back up to two way traffic and that will make things a little more normal down here for the event," Shaw said.

The most inconvenient part of the project will come in phase three, when the intersection at Main and Monroe will close for about 12 days.

The city and business owners are asking for your patience through August.

Construction starts on June 4, 2018 and is a 75-day contract.

Construction Schedule:

Stage 1 (June 1-July 10, 40 Days)

  • One-Way Traffic Pattern (Southbound Main)
  • Northbound Main Street Closed (Detour Posted)

Stage 2 (July 11-July 31, 20 Days)

  • Two-Way Traffic Pattern
  • LPGA Marathon Classic (July 9-15 or July 16-22)

Stage 3 (August 1-August 8, 8 Days)

  • Total Intersection Closure (Local Detour Posted)

Stage 4 (August 9-August 15, 7 Days)

  • Surface Course Paving and Restoration

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