Bike sharing is on its way to Toledo

Bike sharing is on its way to Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A $250 thousand grant awarded to the metroparks is a big reason why a bike share program is coming to Toledo this summer.

Metroparks Toledo and area small businesses have worked together to bring  South Carolina-based "Gotcha Bikes" to Downtown Toledo.

This will be the company's 34th bike share program.

The plan is to install 18 docking stations, where 100 bikes can be shared by the public.

Riders can rent out the bikes with an app on their phones and pay online.

The founder says it's easy and that's why it's so successful. He also gives credit to his company's use of rider data. These smart bikes will be able to track in real time, length of the ride, route taken, time spent on the bike even calories burned.

"It's healthy and it's good for the environment. Two cool things that we track about this bike are miles traveled and as a result kind of the CO2 reduction by riding a bike and the last thing is calorie burned so in real time we'll be able to see how healthy folks in Toledo are by riding these bikes," Sean Flood, president of Gotcha Group said.

The city, metroparks and Gotcha are working with community partners to make sure the bikes have a custom Toledo look.

The bikes should be ready to ride by the end of July - beginning of August. They're also working on payment plans for the bikes - daily, monthly and even annually.

In some cities it's roughly $12 a day.

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