TAHS: Reward fund increased to $15,000 regarding puppy death

(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Humane Society is still waiting to hear new information regarding the beating death of a puppy that happened last month.

TAHS originally offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who could help lead them to the people involved.

But on Tuesday, the reward offer increased to $15,000 after the shelter received a visit from a generous individual.

TAHS says they received a 3-month-old black and brown female puppy in serious need of medical attention on May 25.

A good Samaritan brought the puppy to the dog warden after witnessing a group of kids kicking the puppy around in an alley near the 700 block of Dorr Street.

The puppy was then brought to TAHS, who then brought her to MedVet.

When the puppy arrived at the humane society, TAHS officials said she was suffering from a broken back, broken ribs and internal injuries.

Dr. Anna Brown said the puppy was still alert when she reached MedVet, but appeared to be paralyzed in her back legs with her spinal cord partially severed.

"It's sad to know that there are kids out there that would do this to a puppy. It's sad to know that there are adults out there that were encouraging kids to do this to a puppy," Dr. Brown said.

Doctors were hoping they would be able to save the puppy when the inflammation went down. Sadly, the puppy later died from her injuries.

"She started to have respiratory difficulty from the blood in her chest and then she went down pretty quickly after that," Dr. Brown said.

President and CEO Stephen Heaven said the feeling coming from his employees is disgust, and they see a lot of things.

"What makes this barbaric crime even more abhorrent is that, apparently, there were adults standing around and watching," said Heaven. "It is disturbing that nobody bothered to intervene from the group that was there. It's very disturbing that people can just stand around and watch that sort of thing happening without lifting a finger."

Humane Society officials say those involved could face felony charges.

"It would be felony charges, a fifth-degree felony, so there might well be some harsh penalties," said Heaven. "Hopefully there would be some harsh penalties handed down for this."

The ages of the kids involved are unknown at this time. It is also unknown how long the puppy was being abused before someone intervened.

Anyone with information should call the TAHS cruelty department at 419-482-7103.

TAHS says all information received will remain confidential.

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