Family House in need of bottled water

Family House in need of bottled water
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Reneé Palacios, executive director, Family House has announced that the record heat in the area has taken its toll on the resources at the shelter, which is now in dire need of bottled water for homeless families, some of which include children.

"We are also in need of plastic refillable water bottles. Portable water for hydration is key. We had a 5-year-old pass out about six years ago from dehydration. So when it gets this warm, we can't take chances and issue a plea for bottled water," Palacios said.

Those wishing to donate water can drop it off at the shelter at 669 Indiana Ave. in Toledo.

Family House is also working with the EnPuzzlement, a nonprofit organization that serves the community with access to food, water, and other services.

"We are partnering with EnPuzzlement to purchase a skid of water (1,728 bottles). The cost is $300 or $1.36 a case or 5 cents a bottle," Palacios said. "Those wishing to donate can go to the Family House Toledo Facebook Page for a link to make a contribution. For more information on EnPuzzlement, visit"

Family House, the second largest homeless shelter for families in Ohio, serves families in a homeless crisis. The shelter serves approximately 300 families a year totaling 800 people --- 500 are children. The average age of a homeless child is four-years old. Through its unique mission, Family House keeps all family members housed together, while providing emergency shelter, skill building programs and rehousing.