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FBI: Reset internet routers to prevent Russian malware infections

(Source: Best Buy) (Source: Best Buy)

The FBI says you should check your internet routers right now, as Russian hackers may have infected it with malware. 

The virus could collect your personal information and disable your internet connection.

The FBI says the software targets consumer routers used in home offices and small offices.

They say this malware's network activity can be difficult to detect and analyze because of its encryption.

To help prevent this, it's important to reset your router. 

Just turn it off for a count of at least five seconds, then turn it back on. 

"By turning it off and on, it resets in a way that allows the FBI to identify the devices that were infected," said Edward Stroz of the FBI Computer Crime Squad.

The FBI recommends that you also use strong, secure passwords to lessen the chance of a malware infection.

They also say network devices should be upgraded to the latest available versions of software.

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