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Pacesetter tournament encourages safety in heat


More than 300 soccer teams came to Sylvania for the pace setter soccer tournament Memorial Day weekend, and it was hot.

Tournament officials took extra steps in order to prepare for the heat

Tournament Director Greg Acuna wanted to be sure all players were safe.

“We’re doing mandatory water breaks each half, so the game is basically split up into quarters instead of half’s now,” Acuna says.

Additionally 22 bags of extra ice were brought into the tournament and placed between fields for easy access in case of emergencies.

Officials hope the extra water breaks will keep players from overheating.

Athletic trainer Brad Fredrick said the intermediate water breaks should help to get the players not to drink a whole bottle at once but to slowly take some drinks before they play, during their breaks, when they can during theirs games and again after the games.

Medical experts at the Pacesetter soccer tournament encouraged parents to set an example for their children by drinking water . 

"They forget to drink. They're not even taking their own advice, and they're sitting out trying to take care of their kids but they're also sitting in the sun and chairs," said athletic trainer, Brad Fredrick.

Meredith Snyder has children that play soccer and she said that she encourages them to take frequent breaks.

“They want to stay in and play, especially in this last tournament game. So if you tell your kids hey look if you need to come out and take a break, do it,” Snyder said.

Tournament directors are encouraging all parents to have their kids hydrate often and be safe.

Additionally, if you notice your child beginning to slow down or look dizzy, step in and make them sit down.

Tournament officials say no players were treated for any heat-related incidents

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