12,000 players, coaches and parents converge on Sylvania for weekend of soccer action

12,000 players, coaches and parents converge on Sylvania for weekend of soccer action
Players and fans did what they could to keep cool over an exceptionally hot Memorial Day weekend (Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Sylvania is soccer central in the Midwest this Memorial Day weekend.

The 15th annual Pacesetter Soccer Tournament is underway attracting 320 teams from four states and Canada.

Twelve thousand players and their parents are attending the event.

The marketing group Bigfrontier says the tournament has a $3 million economic impact to the greater Toledo area, filling up hotels, restaurants and  bars.

Parents love bringing their kids to the tournament.

"It's clean. The fields are nice. Great bathrooms. Easy to get to," said Suzanne Kirk.

Tom Mitchell agreed.

"It's very organized. Parking set up right way so you can easily get in and out," said Tom.

Players also give the tournament a thumbs up.

"Probably just how nice the fields are and how many there are," said player Morgan Kirk.

Darian Mitchell liked the fact that all the teams could play.

"Because you play a lot of competitive teams and every team is really good," said Darian.

The tournament is hosted by the Pacesetter Soccer Club.

These are some of the best teams in the country with players ranging in age from eight to seventeen.

The appeal of this location?

"We have 28 all grass fields. The grass is immaculate. The other thing we have is it's all at one location. Don't have to drive from facility to facility," said Greg Acuna of the club.

On-site parking though is at a premium.

Shuttle rides are available from Sylvania Southview High School.

The tournament runs through Monday.

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