Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: May 27, 2018

We just recently sat down with the heir-apparent Lucas County Republican Chair, Mark Wagoner.

Now we hear from the other side.

How serious a challenger could a re-energized republican party can be in Lucas County for the democrats?

What should or will energize the democratic party nationally?

Attorney and former city council member, Kurt Young, the new chair of the Lucas County democrats, discusses the future of his party.

This is a look at a problem we've come to know too well: algae.

Our drinking water source, the western basin of Lake Erie, is in a troubled state.

We examine this through the lens of documentarian, Andy Mann.

Mann is a National Geographic photographer whose docuseries looks at the toxic algae bloom issue around the world, including in Lake Erie.

You can see his work here.

School's out for the summer.

Too often that can mean non-productive downtime for kids which, we know, can lead to problems.

What if you could keep your kids' minds and bodies sharp outside of the confines of school?

Flo Wormely from Toledo's public schools and Officer Jeremie Barclay with the Toledo Police Department's prevention team discuss the Strive Program and its Brain and Body Summer Fitness Challenge.

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